Monday, August 24, 2009

sprayed concrete disaster!!

This weekend Tim decided to spray our front verandah with a stormy grey covercrete, cream grout and 'ashlar' stencil. I was sooo excited to be getting this done.. 
Here are the workers hard at it - hubby Tim and son #3 Luke, and the site all prepared, and sprayed cream (for the grout)
Next goes the stencil and the stormy grey top coats. We were given some stencil to save some money, but it had been sitting in a shed for some time, so it wouldn't lay flat!!  grr!! 
All top coats done ... but .... we HATE it!!  It is too busy ( I thought the squares were bigger when I looked at the design on the internet - as you do! lol) and as they were so much smaller, it made it way too busy looking.. Also, as the stencil wouldn't lay flat, it didn't spray very well.. Tim does this for a living, and he was most disappointed that 'our home' was the worst job ever!! 
So of course, we couldn't have that! So tonight he has resprayed it in the stormy grey colour (which will now be the grout colour), there are still a few more coats to go, to get the other stencil pattern out..  he will then do a large 400mm diamond pattern with a brick-look border. The top coat will now be 'sandstone' which we think will look much better. 
The colour you see in the previous photos is not the finished product as it hasn't been sealed, and would have gone much darker and shinier when its finished... 
Here it is tonight, with the resprayed grey coats.. 
Stay tuned for the next stage... hopefully it will look better than it did this morning!! 


Jess said...

i had to laugh sha!! sorry! let us know how it turns out lol

-Sha said...

hahaha! thats ok! we laughed too!! Isn't it disgusting!! I cant believe it looked sooooo good on the internet pics. I was mad at Tim cause he said he knew the pattern was crap, but said nothing, cause he 'wanted to make his wife happy'.. I'll give him 'happy'! lol