Friday, May 21, 2010

Painting our loungeroom..

Hello Everyone, sorry its been so long in between posts.. time gets away from me so easy these days.. Working full time and now studying to get me into a full time Bachelor of Nursing course next year... Not a lot has been happening in the house for the same reasons above, but we are currently in the middle of painting the loungeroom a dark coffee colour. We have been trying to decide whether to paint the whole room or just one feature wall.. but with the other ideas we have for this room, i think painting all of it sounds like the way to go. _ ignore the furniture as its all out of place right now.. and I plan on replacing it with all new stuff.. one day soon I hope!
More pics to come soon..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My beautiful Niece

Today is the birthday of my Niece .. Cassie Maree born at 9.15am today, weighing a whopping 10 lbs 8 oz! Congratulations to Allan, Jodie and family on such a beautiful little girl xxx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I thought it was about time we had a wedding portrait done, since we have just celebrated our 10th year anniversary  lol 
I didn't want the traditional pic where we are sitting there posing.. so I chose this one.. 
We had it printed at Harvey Norman, and I must say the quality is very good.. Here is the finished product..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Its getting there!

Its starting to take shape now.. We have had a nightmare of a time over Christmas due to the the rain. As we hadn't had a chance to backfill yet, the water filled up on the outside of the pool, so we had to buy a pump and get it all out, then backfill quickly as more rain was coming.. There has been lots and lots of mud, but it is now finally starting to take shape and look a bit like it's meant to..
We still have to backfill a bit more and the pump is setup only temporary until Tim can concrete around the pool area and build a filter house.. but it works for now..
Pool fence is not yet quite finished yet. Tim still has to cut down the posts to the same level and add some sort of capping to them to stop them rotting from the top.. but isn't it looking great!!

Other than the pool we haven't been doing much over the Christmas break.. we bought a new couch for the family room
and planted some Syzygium australe 'Big Red" to our driveway (which needs mowing after all that rain!).. They grow approx 4m high and spread to 2.5m ( within 10 yrs), but claim to be fast growing. They have the most crimson foliages available with white flowers during summer followed by edible berries.. birds should love them!!
We added a new blind to the kitchen.. and redecorated the entry..
That's it for now..
Catch ya's next time

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh! I forgot to mention...

On Thursday, we had some people turn up asking if they could look though our house as they are planning on building the 'homestead 37' just up the road from us..
I was at work, but Tim was here and let them into the living areas only.
Apparantly, Newstart Homes is giving them a bit of grief and would not even tell them that our house is the homestead37! I bet they don't want to build this far out of town again! hahaha
They said they have their heart set on the design, so it will be interesting to see the outcome.

Pool update

We are actually one step ahead than these pics are showing - we have the panels up now as well..
The council came out and gave us the go-ahead to fill with water and backfill, but the fence is only approved as a temporary fence. The gap under the fence is way too high to have passed as permanent fencing. The council wont take into account that we will concrete around the pool which will fill the gap, so we need to get them back once its concreted to get the final approval..
Tomorrow, Tim will put the sand in the bottom and the liner.. and hopefully get the water installed (if we can get the truck out here).. and then our generous neighbour has agreed to backfill it with his machine ( in return Tim will concrete a pad at his house he wants done.. great barter!)
All should be done by christmas.. just!
After christmas will be putting in shade sails, lighting, concrete, landscaping etc.. never ends!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our bright idea :/

We recently bought an above ground pool, and thought it would look really nice if we install it in the ground. We could then concrete around it, add water features, lounger chairs, plants, lighting, and voila! we have an inground pool at half the expense..
What we didn't factor in is the amount of earthworks required to actually put it in the ground..
(well Tim might of, but I certainly didn't!). To make matters much worse, we have lots of really hard sandstone..
Anyway.. its all started now, so no turning back.
We have the hole pretty close to finished ( after 2 days of digging, storms, broken hydraulic cables, and broken teeth on the bucket of the machine!!). He is coming back in the morning to finish off the last bit of digging, and clean the site up.. Tim and I are going to install the pool ourselves ( its ok, they gave us a DVD to watch!!! hahaha)
With weather permitting, we should be able to start the pool this weekend. It is 9.14m x 4.58m, hold approx 45 000 litres and has a shallow end of 1.37m and deep end of 1.8m.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga!!